About us



After three years of arriving in Madeira, Ariana de Sousa, as a Portuguese-descendant, continued to feel that was no option that could respond to the linguistic needs of the non-Portuguese-speaking communities that chose Portugal as their home. After she started her Master's studies in Linguistics: Societies and Cultures at the Univerisity of Madeira (Portugal) the idea of creating something that may help other people with the same difficulties to learn or improve their Portuguese comes up in the middle of the atypical context and worldwide reflection that represented the year 2020, where the need to implement new technologies in all aspects of our daily lives was even more evident. That's how LínguaOnline was conceived. 

What is LínguaOnline?

LínguaOnline is a platform for learning Portuguese and Spanish online from level A1 to level C2, with certified teachers, personalized courses, private tutoring, document translations, and much more. Everything that you need and completely online! 


1. StartNOW: Madeira Acceleration Program (October 2020)

LínguaOnline was one of the seven winning projects of the startNOW: Madeira Acceleration Program of the StartUp Madeira.

2. Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (2021)

LínguaOnline was one of the around 40 projects selected over the 391 candidates that applied to participate in the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (the first time of this program in Portugal through the US Embassy in Portugal in partnership with Impact Hub Lisbon).